Our newest collection of articles explores the trends, opportunities and challenges faced by businesses across the creative , tech and science industries. While there is often a legal aspect to each piece – we are lawyers after all - we also look beyond that to consider wider insights and ideas transforming change.

We explore the latest trends in the gaming industry, business opportunities in wearable tech and the implications of emerging AI technologies such as Facial Recognition Technology. We also feature the latest insights from the Future of Work Hub in conversation with Giles Gibbons, CEO and Founder of Good Business, who shares his thoughts on sustainability on the corporate agenda, and explore the importance of talent migration to the creative industries.

The UK has always been renowned for innovative and cutting-edge businesses, but it’s clear that more can be done to help turn them into commercial success stories. From investing in digitalisation and empowering the tech sector, to proactive interventions to turbocharge the creative industries, the new UK Government has the opportunity to shake things up – fingers crossed for some positive change but will balancing its agenda for enhanced employee rights come at a cost? Learn more about Labour’s  expected reforms and implications for business at our Labour Policy Impact Hub.

Enjoy reading: The Collective Quarterly - Issue 03